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Corporation Name:pdf2sch
Business Hours:10:30-20:30 (GMT+8)
Person in Charge:Paul Wang


We support maker to customize evaluation board schematics.

Orcad Capture schematics can export BOM and netlist for Allegro or PADS pcb layout.

We dedicate to MCU, FPGA and electrical component applications and welcome maker contact with us.

We are extremely sensitive to customer concerns and ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy of the information shared with us. We never disclose the identify or any personal information of our clients without a prior consent.

QQ: 3071288244  Line: draw.sch  Skype: draw.sch
Wechat: draw_sch  Messenger: draw.sch1211

我們協助創客做電路圖設計, 客製化修改公板電路圖.

Orcad Capture 電路圖可以轉出零件材料 BOM 表,可以轉出 netlist 檔給 Allegro 或 PADS 做 PCB layout設計.

我們應用MCU,FPGA和電子元件做電路圖設計且使用正版 Orcad Capture.

我們對客戶的疑慮非常敏感,且確保與我們分享的信息絕對保密和隱私。 未經事先同意,我們絕對不會披露客戶的任何信息.

Services: IC application discussion, Schematics design support, IC應用研究討論, 電路圖設計支援